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Local Malay Girls



Local Malay Girls


Local Malay Girls


Local Malay Girls


Local Malay Girls


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Elite Kuala Lumpur Companions

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is no less true when it comes to companionship and escorting services. The escort industry, as with utmost other diligence and products, are offered on a scale from affordable and budget all the way up to eye wateringly costly and of the loftiest quality. It’s veritably important courses for horses (no ladies I am not calling you horses)!
Today we are going to focus on the top end of the escort demand, the most costly, exclusive and elite independent kl escorts and Kuala Lumpur escort agencies with genuine model escorts and outrageously beautiful, confident and professional business women whom offer escorting services in between their busy schedules. These ladies are always well educated, well travelled and exude confidence and class which are truly sexy traits indeed in a woman. Their time is valuable and as such they must be compensated generously for it and their escorting rates fully reflect this. They can often earn more in an hour than the average person makes in a week, sometimes more. The most elite KL escorts are often available internationally. They may be based in Bukit Bintang but can truly well find themselves in KLCC or some exotic far flung location reserved for a weekend, a whole week or longer. They may accompany their guests on high powered social events or gatherings. When money is no object a client will take all undertakings to ensure a luxurious experience for their chosen companion for the time that they spend with them. Often, high class escorts are poured with gifts and money for their time and services.