Cheap and High Class Escorts

The distinction between regular and high-class escorts

The distinction between a high-end escort and a normal 

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escort is a common question that plagues many escort agencies in Kuala Lumpur. However, we believe that the classification can be arbitrary in many case

s. Just because an escort considers herself to be high-class doesn’t necessarily mean that she provides a better entertainment experience than a normal escort.

At our agency, we use the term “normal escort” to differentiate from high-class, but we recognize that this is not always an accurate descripti

on. People tend to make judgments based on price range, but this is not always a reliable indicator of quality. A normal escort can provide excellent companionship and service, and a high-class escort may not always live up to the expectations of clients.

It’s essential to note that what sets high-end escorts apart is their level of professionalism, sophistication, and discretion. High-end escorts tend to be more selective in the clients they accept and may have more rigorous screening processes to ensure the safety and privacy of their clients. They may also provide additional services such as social companionship for events or travel companionship, and have a more extensive wardrobe and higher-end accessories.

However, every client has different needs and preferences, and it’s crucial to choose an escort based on those specific requirements rather than their classification. Ultimately, the most important factor is finding an escort who can provide an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, regardless of whether she is a high-end escort or a normal one.

Exploring the Distinction Between High-Class and Normal Escorts

As an escort agency in Kuala Lumpur, we are obligated to follow the crowd and categorize our girls based on what people already believe and what other agencies are doing. It’s not practical for us to invent our own criteria for what makes a girl high class. Meeting with every girl and dating them ourselves to see if they meet our desired qualities would be unrealistic. Therefore, it’s much easier for us to categorize high-class girls as the expensive ones or those listed as VIP Kuala Lumpur escorts on our website.

Unfortunately, this categorization can be misleading. The price alone does not determine the quality of service provided by an escort. It’s subjective and varies from person to person. It’s essential to remember that KL Escort Angel cannot be held responsible for what happens between a client and their chosen escort. Our role is to facilitate the booking process, and we have no control over the girls themselves.

In conclusion, while we understand the importance of categorizing escorts, we must be mindful of its limitations. At KL Escort Angel, we strive to provide a seamless booking process for our clients and let them decide which escort suits their needs best.


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Assessing Escorts: The Challenge of Categorization

We are fortunate to have the privilege of representing some of the most skilled and seasoned escort girls globally. When these girls apply with their desired fees, we seldom contest them since they possess the experience and knowledge of what they can deliver on a date with their client. These girls don’t set their rates randomly; they have unique specifications about their services and decide what they are worth. For instance, a girl who is fluent in English and comfortable attending outcall dinner dates and social events with clients may consider herself of higher value than some of the cheap escorts we represent. Some of the less expensive girls may not prefer going on dates often and may lack confidence in communication, among other things. However, some of those girls who do not communicate well and prefer incalls may still regard themselves as high class for other reasons. As we mentioned earlier, it appears arbitrary, but it is not our place to dispute the girls’ rates. It is solely up to them.

Your Experience Counts

When it comes to differentiating between cheaper and more expensive escorts, your experience plays a major role. If you’re a frequent hobbyist, you likely have a particular budget that you prefer to stick to. This might work well for you, and you probably have a general idea of what type of girls to expect at this price point. The best way to determine if there’s a significant difference in service between perceived high-class and low-cost escorts is to step outside your comfort zone and book an escort from a higher price range. For instance, if you typically book escorts for Myr450, consider trying a few escorts in the Myr550+ range. This way, you can form your own opinions and conclusions about the difference in service.

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